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Davide Carrari - Photographer & Videomaker

Davide inherited his grandfather's passion for photography and started using his first camera while still a boy. Subsequently he refined his tecnique working for many years with the great Swiss photographer Klaus Zaugg.

A professional freelance photographer since 1984, based in Turin, Milan and Rome he has created images for national and international clients including: Lavazza, Lancia, Goodyear, L'Oréal, Martini, Lovable, New Balance, Artsana, Fila, General Motors, Peter Langner, The Bridge, Artsana, Lardini, Montura, Fedrigoni, FiveTen, McCann Erickson, Publicis and Armando Testa.

Parallel to his advertising and editorial work Davide has always created personal artistic photography. Exhibitions of his distintive images include:
  • Luisella D’Alessandro Gallery 1985
  • Biennale Torino Fotografia, 1990
  • Azimut Gallery 1996
  • Biennale internazionale di ATENE 1999
  • Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia 2000
  • Agora’ Torino 2002
  • Extra Roma 2002
  • Photoikon 2005.

  • Following years of experimentation, in 2002, he produced his first film. Since then as director or director of photography he has completed numerous short films, art videos, video clips and commercials.
    Of particular note is the rock climbing documentary, "​Verticalmente Démodé", that he created with Maurizio "Manolo" Zanolla. This film, which he directed, won a total of 14 awards in numerous international film festivals.


    • Davide Carrari

      Via Bonzo 12/6 - 10148 - Turin - Italy

      +39 335 547 4492